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Straps with Jordan Garcia

  • Gravity Aerial Arts 5925 East Evans Avenue, Unit 125 Denver, CO, 80222 United States (map)

WHAT: This workshop is for those who have been training on straps for a while and have good strength in the fundamental positions (meathook, flag, support, shoulder stand).

What we will be covering:
-How to properly warm up and prepare our bodies for straps (Neck, shoulder, spine, and hip stretching). 

-Proper body position, technique, and strength progressions for the following movements:

  • Spinning and Flares

  • Various switches between meathook and flag

  • Kip variations from below to atop the straps

  • Backbalance rollups

  • Rollups and rolldown variations 


5 pull-ups (hands to chest, elbows locked out and shoulder relaxed at the bottom)

2 dips (as deep as you can go, elbows locked out at the top)

5 skin the cats (as deep as you can go)

10 second meathook

10 second Reverse meathook(flag)

WHO: Jordan’s Primary disciplines are Handbalancing, Acrobatics, and Aerial Straps. He also practices Partner Acrobatics, Duo Straps, and Juggling. He got started practicing handstands at the age of 16, in his home of Nokesville, Virginia using YouTube tutorials for guidance. Once he was 18, he began to attend Handbalancing Workshops with some of the professionals he had admired over the years. During that time he began to branch out and explore of disciplines like Parkour, Rock Climbing, BJJ & MMA, Gymnastics, and more. He left his home in Virginia to come to Charlotte, North Carolina. While street performing he met someone who put him in contact with one of the Nouveau Sud cast members who would later recruit him. Now, along with performing, he travels and teaches Handbalancing workshops across the United States and other countries. 

One of his goals is to show people that with enough passion and hard work anyone can achieve high levels of skill in whatever they choose to do

Jordan's Straps demo real.


COST: $50 when you sign up by 10/14/18 or $55 when you sign up after 10/14/18.

OR $90 when you sign up for Handstands and Straps by 10/14/18 or $100 after 10/14/18.

Earlier Event: October 21
Handstands with Jordan Garcia